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About Laura Attrah

Laura Attrah

“Real Estate is powerful. Where you live becomes the center of your universe”. Your home is where memories are made. Even “an investment property can have profound effect on your future and financial freedom and a vital part of your retirement plan, when chosen correctly”.
Laura believes in the power of real estate investing. “it offers lucrative and safe place for investment”. If done right it can offer cash flow, tax breaks and equity building. She is here to guide you through the real estate process. Whether a buyer, a seller, or an investor, she thinks of her clients as family. I am here to keep the process fluid, successful, and as low-stress as possible.

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture which naturally lead her to a career in real estate. Her background in Residential Architecture, Design, and construction is an asset in her real estate career. Her enthusiastic and outstanding people skills, her trustworthiness and her warm-hearted personality all benefit her clients. She will never leave her clients unhappy and unsatisfied.
Outside of real estate, Laura enjoys weight training and fitness. She believes the key to happiness starts with health. Physical fitness and mental preparation allow her to take on any challenge with enthusiasm and efficiency.

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